Environment Policy
Compliance with the country’s regulations regarding environment
Administration of quantifiable continuous development within every possible environment-related area
Designation of environmental scale; identification of environmental impacts and the damage they cause
Minimizing pollution and waste; disposal of the hazardous waste after ensuring the environmental impact is minimized
Continuous education for employees and subcontractors; encouragement for implementing principles
Designation of goals and targets; announcement of developments every year
Continuous development in environmental management system

Quality Policy
As Confetti Carpet Ind. Inc., we abide by several principles to be a trustworthy business partner in the targeted markets. Those principles are as follows;
Prioritizing the evaluation and improvement of intercorporate performances regarding all processes in accordance with the overall quality conception by increasing the company’s competitive power and effectiveness.
Becoming a company-of-choice by ensuring customer satisfaction.
Meeting the customers’ requirements by effectively enforcing a Quality Management System, which takes into consideration international standards, legal necessities, and customers’ special requests, to be used in accordance with the company’s strategy and goals and by educating the employees about communication to help them become conscious participants in all processes.
Minimizing the potential risks the employees might face by prioritizing occupational safety in all processes including product design, development, manufacture, and usage.
Making each and every one of our suppliers a part of the Confetti Carpet Ind. Inc. and provide a platform where continuous development is possible.
Being innovative and eco-friendly,
Using resources in an effective way with the help of a dynamic management system to create the added value, which will meet the expectations of the shareholders.

Human Relations Policy
We value our highly-educated, innovative, challenger, continuously improving employees because we believe that they are the ones who’ll carry the company into the future in the most effective way. It’s essential for us to implement contemporary Human Resources techniques to the full extend to create and develop the needed human resource, to provide career opportunities, and to guarantee employee satisfaction. Confetti aims to gain maximum support in reaching company goals in exchange of maintaining an effective and productive structure for human resources.