Mission & Vision

Our Vision
Our vision is to become a respectable, international, and an intriguing company and to secure our sustainability within the current market.

Our Mission
Our mission is to manufacture high quality carpets that will be compatible in different project areas in both national and international markets.

Our Values
We value nature and people with our manufacture and business models.
We are responsible.
Our perspective is passionate, curious, and innovative.
Our Eternal Design principle represents elegance and freedom.
We work with a talented and an experienced team.
We are customer-oriented.
We don’t compromise promises and honesty.

Our Goal
Our goal is to offer quality and service that is beyond our customers’ expectations and to provide an environment where our employees can improve themselves.

Our Principles
We value people. If we are strong, it’s because we’re together. That’s why our principle is to find brilliant people and train them to become resourceful individuals. We expect to see them get through their careers as individuals who are open for continuous development and learning, and are experience-oriented. Each and every employee is a member of the Confetti Family. Team work is essential in reaching our company’s targets.

Our Relationships
The relationships we establish with our employees, customers, and suppliers are based on mutual respect, trust, and gain.

Our Customers
The only reason we come to work every day is because we value our customers.
The one and only source of our success is to offer our current and future customers an experience beyond their expectations and to become one of their essential suppliers.

Better service and technology is our key in ever changing markets. There is no room for the word “impossible” in our corporate culture as we work to achieve the impossible in technology, quality, and service.

As the Confetti Family, we work to create the best service and to become the most trustworthy supplier for our customers in the current and future markets.