Artificial Grass Systems

For your indoor and outdoor projects

Congrass artificial lawns have a wide range of application areas from gardening to indoor decorations.

  • You can finally have your dream garden with Congrass decorative grass!
  • The innovative solutions for your projects and the elegance you are looking for!
  • The reflection of never ending energy that comes with the summer months.
Landscape Products

Football is now played on artificial football turfs, manufactured by Congrass.

  • The unique grass systems series which provide the best conditions for the best football game.
  • Congrass Synthetic Grass Systems, an essential element for each and every sports field.
  • Congrass is your first choice because it provides world class comfort.
  • Feel the energy coming from the grass by using Congrass turf, an essential element for each and every sports field.
Sport Products

Special Projects

  • The carpet of choice for outdoor spaces with a wide range of utilization.
  • It’s about time that you bring in the magic of nature into your living areas!
  • Congrass brings quality to living spaces with its comfortable and soft structure which aims to reflect the comfort in nature.
  • Feel the spring with Congrass Synthetic Grass Systems.
Special Projects

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