Confetti Focuses on Grass Carpets - Confetti: Cami, Otel Halısı ve Suni, Sentetik Çim Halı Üretimi

Confetti Focuses on Grass Carpets

Confetti Carpet entered the market by manufacturing bathroom mats in 1994 and attracted a great deal of attention with its wall-to-wall carpet project in 2013. Now, the company is getting ready to manufacture grass carpets. Confetti’s Executive Board Member Sinan Çelebi states that the company made the necessary investments for the grass carpet manufacture. He added, “We’re planning to start manufacturing grass carpets in Spring 2015. In the future, we’re planning to add synthetic turf to our product rage. We’re continuously making investments to improve our both product variety and manufacture technology.” The company reaches 250 different locations in Turkey and has an export web of 40 countries including the UAE, Russia, England, the USA, and Germany.

According to Çelebi, Confetti is as good as a market leader in the bathroom mat category; “The company is also very ambitious in the carpet market in Turkey. We’re expecting a serious increase in export in 2015. We’re making sure that the export is both in accordance with our company’s vision and profitable for our country’s economy. In addition, we’re working to secure our position wherever we’re the market leader and to improve where improvement is needed.”

Çelebi highlighted that the company aims to become one of the outstanding brands in the home textile industry in every country; “Confetti is taking firms steps towards its aim to become one of the outstanding brands in the home textile industry in every country with the help of its professional staff and wise investments since the day of its establishment. We make sure to get rid of any concerns regarding slipping by using specially-developed gel-base in each product. Confetti carpets are durable against wear and long-lasting. Our polyamide carpets are anti-allergic and anti-static, which means we help create healthy spaces. We also guarantee safety with non-flammable quality in wall-to-wall project carpets in crowded places such as hotels, schools, mosques, and restaurants.